Renewable energy sources

Gentek Consult’ renewables team has a wide range of experience in commercially established and emerging renewable energy technologies, including:

  • Wind (Onshore & Offshore)

    Gentek Consult has market-leading expertise in all the technical, environmental and commercial elements comprising a wind farm development and, with our established oil and gas business, is able to deliver key support solutions across all offshore wind disciplines.

  • Hydro

    Gentek Consult’ expertise is focused on the promotion, feasibility, planning, maintenance, rehabilitation and operations of small to large hydro-power projects. Our range of services extends from the initial environmental-sociological impact studies to site selection, through to detailed design, stress, vibration and surge analysis, as well as tunnelling, construction and operational studies.

  • Biomass & Waste-to-Energy

    Our experience ranges from feasibility studies for wood-fired community heating schemes, to preparation of planning and environmental statements for waste-to-energy facilities, and technical engineering advice to develop large scale biomass plants.

  • Solar & Geothermal

    Gentek Consult has incorporated passive solar heating, solar thermal, photovoltaic and geothermal technologies into our architectural designs. We offer independent advice on energy and resource assessments, performance, payback, funding, technical and regulatory issues.

  • Wave & Tidal

    Gentek Consult works with a range of wave power and tidal stream devices, and is involved from conceptual design, through full-scale installation, to operations and decommissioning.

  • Microgeneration

    Gentek Consult offers microgeneration advice as a discrete service or as part of a wider range of project services, such as BREEAM assessments. In urban areas, the challenge is to integrate the technologies into buildings themselves or overcome other site constraints. Gentek Consult can evaluate the most appropriate options for specific sites or provide general strategic advice on meeting targets across a portfolio of sites.

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